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Some Tips on How to Speed Up Your Mac

Mac slowdown is one of the most common computer problems nowadays. If your Mac often freezes and sends error messages, then it’s time to look for slow Mac solutions. A problem of slow Mac can be solved both within the Mac OS X or you can download all-in-one software solution.Here are some quick tips on how to speed up your computer.

Get rid of useless files

Temporary files, file copies, oversized files and unused apps can take up a lot of hard drive space, which may affect your Mac’s performance. You may speed up your Mac by removing these files and apps. There are several ways of doing it:

  • Empty the Trash
  • Find and remove duplicated files
  • Check your User, Applications, and Downloads folders for large files and unneeded apps
  • Clean the cache via the Finder or the Terminal
  • Clean the browser cache
  • Repair disk permissions by using the built-in Disk Utility tool
  • Clean up the RAM
However, if you download MacKeeper you can clean all of this with just a few simple clicks.

Manage login items

Some apps on your Mac are automatically added to the Login Items list, meaning that they will be launched every time you start your Mac, temporarily slowing down the computer and wasting your time. The appropriate solution is to go to System Preferences > Users & Groups, and then click your username in the pane on the left. On the Login Items tab, select the apps that you don’t want to be run on the startup, and then click the  minus "-" sign.

Or if that sounds kind of difficult you can download MacKeeper and easily manage all your login items with a few clicks.

Update your apps

Older versions of your apps may work slowly and, as a result, may slow down the entire system. To update them and thus speed up your Mac, you can download MacKeeper and use the built-in Software Update feature to keep all your apps always up-to-date.

Use a multilayered solution

We think that MacKeeper is the perfect choice. It includes Fast Cleanup, Disk Usage, Duplicate Finder, Smart Uninstaller, Login Items, Update Tracker and even more to keep your Mac clean, secured and optimized.


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