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  • Fast Cleanup

    Detect and safely remove system files accumulated over time. Known as junk files, they may lead to overall system slowdown. Wipe out binaries, cache, logs, and left over files with our utility.

  • Duplicates Finder

    Sometimes one file can have dozens extra copies you never use. These duplicates may even have different names, but be identical inside. Get rid of useless copies with Duplicates Finder.

  • Smart Uninstaller

    Manual application removal leaves behind system left over files, digging deep in your Mac. Uninstall your apps with no "agents" left and protect your privacy.


Get that new Mac feeling

  • More storage

    Free up and enjoy more space for family photos, your favorite music, or work documents.

  • Smooth speed

    Clean up the clutter and free up memory for the smooth Mac performance.

  • Organized space

    Organize your files and folders quickly and safely.

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