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Slow Mac? Say no more.

We’ve made it even easier to get your Mac back to 'Wow'. Wipe junk files and apps. Free up memory. Optimize startup. All you need is the all-new MacKeeper app. Packed with more essentials, it feels fresh and clean — just like your Mac.

Do things faster.

Waiting forever for your favorite websites to load? With smart performance tools, the new MacKeeper makes your Mac run smoother in a snap.

Step 1.

Stop the most memory-hogging processes.

The less memory your Mac uses, the faster it responds. Memory Cleaner's new Apps & Processes plugin quits the most resource-consuming processes so your Mac can breathe easier.

Step 2.

Get rid of apps you never launch.

Remove useless apps in one shot with Smart Uninstaller. The upcoming MacKeeper release will allow you delete widgets, plugins, and browser extensions, leaving no junk behind. Stay tuned!

Step 3.

Clean up your mailbox.

Junk files aren’t restricted to just cache and logs files. The updated Safe Cleanup tool can delete useless mail attachments, cleaning your Mac like a pro.

Protection made smarter.


Run system and custom virus scans

MacKeeper gives you even more security. Its built-in Antivirus uses one of the biggest databases to keep your Mac safe 24/7 from malware, viruses, phishing attacks, whatever.

Adware Cleaner

Get rid of apps that show you ads

For extra safety, use Adware Cleaner to detect and remove malicious programs that may display unwanted ads. We protect what matters most – your Mac’s security.

Track My Mac

Get Mac location reports

Control your Mac from anywhere with your smartphone. If your Mac is ever stolen, the all-new Track My Mac plugin will show its location and take a snapshot of the suspect. Then just tap on your phone to lock your Mac.

Cleaning. Now even easier.

Free up gigabytes of disk space for files you really need in a few clicks. Save your time – remove junk files and risky items you’d otherwise spend hours deleting manually.

Solving your Mac issues is now easier than ever:

What do we do next.

We put a lot of love into the latest generation of MacKeeper. But we’re not stopping here. Our top goal is to make it even better, so we’re working on some amazing new features to make taking care of your Mac even easier.

Stay tuned.

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